Development Path


For 30 years, we have walked through the traces.

In 1994 , "MOTO" represents the speed, while "MA" comes from "MASTER" and represents the master. Under the changing technological innovation, I hope that this brand can surpass and breakthrough.

In 1996, the NI-CD battery was launched, becoming the earliest representative product of the MOTOMA, facing the global market, and being durable.

In 1998, Carbon battery dry battery market, dry battery is widely applicable, MOTOMA development global agents 1000 +.

In 2000, the most cost-effective "alkaline battery". Alkaline battery was loved by consumers at home and abroad because of its good environmental performance, and the global agents developed to 2000 +.

In 2006, Lead battery (Lead acid battery) was listed and rapidly promoted, the company officially entered southeast Asia and other markets, became the benchmark typical product of MOTOMA at that time, the cooperative agency and brand cooperation were further expanded, and the company developed to nearly 10,000 global agents.

In 2010, the launch of the Golf cart Battery (Golf Car Battery) also meant that MOTOMA began to polish its niche and empower the market for outdoor power applications.

In 2012, Li Polymer Battery (lithium polymer battery) was listed, the products are more smaller, lightweight, diversified shape, better capacity and power characteristics, the company officially entered the lithium battery industry, focusing on technical solution research and development.

In 2016, MOTOMA strong into Energy Storage Industry, our LiFePO4 battery for home and residential application.

In 2020, Household Energy Storage Products of Wall-mounted and stand LiFePO4 battery M88PW was listed.

In 2023, More new developed products is coming…