Solar Energy Storage Battery (LiFePO4)
Top A grade cells, passed UL1973 test
High efficiency output power: >96%
With 30% size of lead acid batteries.
Low self-discharge batteries.
With intelligent protection, more safe.
more light weight, 30% weight of lead acid batteries.
Eco-friendly batteries.
With SOC design.

Support remote monitoring
Support bluetooth & mobile APP monitor.
Support high power discharge.
Smaller,lighter and longer life.

Appearance advantage

Look good, trunk type appearance design, the bottom pulley is easy to move

High safety factor, wall hanging, landing dual-use anti-collision safety design

More force ability, vertical roller with 3mm plate reinforcement, more flexible movement

Core power advantage


Automobile grade cell quality, MOTOMA only car grade cell,the cell has been passed UL certification, durable and safe.

Good heat dissipation: when the cell is connected, use 1.5-2.0mm aluminum strip to replace 0.2-0.3 nickel sheet to improve the heat dissipation performance.


BMS can be multi-function customization: BMS board support customization, large current 150A, can increase Bluetooth, GPS, heating, multiple segments

Type protection, control, buzzer, burst open heat dissipation and other functions

BMS with balancing function: accurate SOC design, with overcharge / overcharge / temperature / short circuit and other multiple protection schemes.

Solid structure: the thickness of the battery shell is 1.5mm (usually 0.8-1.2mm), which improves the load-bearing, impact resistance, protection and other aspects.

Pure copper high voltage wire harness: the maximum voltage resistance is 1000V, can allow through the continuous current 150A, the plug can support the maximum current 200A, waterproof grade IP67

Mobile app intelligent control: mobile app intelligent control supporting inverter, with a dedicated MOTOMA mobile terminal APP, dedicated MOTOMA background cloud data collection.