How to disconnect the battery system properly?

(1)Disconnect AC load,

(2)Disconnect AC input/output switch

(3)Disconnect inverter switch

(4)Disconnect air switch

(5)Disconnect battery switch

What should I do if the system does not function after the battery is connected to the inverter?

(1) Check whether the positive and negative connections of the battery and the inverter are correct;

(2) After the battery is turned on, check the LED status on the battery, which shows if the battery has electricity;

(3) Check if the battery and and inverter are appropriate in terms of power. The power of battery needs to be close to that of the inverter. The power of the inverter may be too big to make the battery start. Or you can contact MOTOMA;

(4) Maybe the battery or inverter is abnormal, and you need to contact MOTOMA.

If there is an abnormality on the inverter, will there be a hint?

Inverter abnormality is divided into alarms and faults. Alarms are error codes such as 01/02/03, and faults are fault codes such as F01/F02/F03.

What should I do if the inverter reports 'BP'?

It indicates that the inverter cannot read the information of the battery if the inverter reports BP;

(1) Check if the battery is out of power and needs to be charged to activate;

(2) Check if the communication network cable is connected correctly, and make sure the dial code is 1.

What should I do if the inverter reports 'F52'?

It indicates that the total voltage of the inverter is too low and needs to be restarted to recover if the inverter reports F52.

What should I do if the inverter reports '04'?

It indicates that the battery voltage is low and needs to be charged if the inverter reports '04'.

I used lead acid battery for my storage system before, can I use lithium batteries?

Yes, lithium battery can completely replace lead acid battery.

I bought a MOTOMA system, and the demand capacity of this project has increased. I need to buy several more batteries. Can I use them directly?

Yes. And you need to buy batteries of the same model. MOTOMA battery supports up to 10PCS parallel.

Can the MOTOMA battery be wall-mounted?

Yes. Our battery can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted, according to the actual situation. 

What are the advantages of MOTOMA lithium batteries compared with lead acid batteries?

Compared with lead acid batteries of the same capacity, MOTOMA lithium battery is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and can discharge at a larger rate. Also, Lithium batteries support communication with inverter. You can check the state of each cell and temperature through the LCD screen.

What should I do if the MOTOMA battery stops working?

(1) Turn on the switch and make sure the switch light is on. If the LED shows low capacity, you need to charge the battery;

(2) When the battery enters the dormant state, you need to press the RST button for 3-6 seconds to restart or charge to activate.

The battery SOC display is wrong, which is inaccurate with the actual capacity, what should I do?

(1) If the difference in capacity is relatively small, it is an issue of accuracy; or it is attenuated normally after many cycles;

(2) If the capacity display is very much different from the nominal value when the new battery is used for only several cycles, the battery needs to be calibrated. Calibration steps: the battery is empty to over-discharge protection, and then fully charged to over-charge protection, then the capacity calibration is completed; if the capacity is still not accurate, then send feedback to MOTOMA for check;

(3) If the display is inaccurate when multiple batteries are paralleled, please check whether any one of the parallel communication cables has been disconnected.