How much space does MOTOMA's 5KW system need for solar panels?

At least 10 square meters are required.

Can the solar panels fit on the roof?

Yes, and it needs customization.

What about daily maintenance of the solar panels?

Pay attention to surface cleaning, and do not accumulate too much dust or snow which will block the solar panels.

Can solar panels be used on cloudy days?

That depends on the light intensity. If the light is strong, there will be a weak current and voltage, but this is still very different from the bright light on a sunny day. The stronger the light, the better the power generation effect.

What is the difference between series connection and parallel connection for solar panels?

For solar panels, the series connection increases the voltage, and the parallel connection increases the capacity.

What are the characteristics of the MOTOMA inverter?

MOTOMA inverter supports lithium battery, can be paralleled and support Bluetooth or WIFI.

The system I bought before was using a 100Ah battery. If I replace it with a 200Ah battery, does the inverter need to be changed?

If you increase the capacity only, inverter does not need to be changed.

MOTOMA's inverter is 5KW, what should I do if my project exceeds 5KW?

Inverters can be connected in parallel.

What types of inverters are MOTOMA divided into?

There are grid-connected models, off-grid models, and hybrid models.

I have my own inverter, can I use MOTOMA's batteries?

Yes. MOTOMA battery is compatible with most of the inverter protocols on the market. You can choose the corresponding protocol to use.

What should I do if the inverter reports '61'?

(1) Check whether the communication cable between the battery and the inverter is correctly connected. Battery : 1: RS485-B, 2: RS485-A; Inverter: 3RS485-B, 5RS485-A; Connect 1 and 3, connect 2 and 5;

(2) The battery dial code needs to be dialed to 1;

(3) Check inverter battery mode, 05 needs to select PYL;

(4) Are the battery software version and inverter software version correct? You need to send feedback to MOTOMA.

How to use the new system correctly after I receive it?

(1) Assemble the battery and inverter to the wall according to the MOTOMA installation instructions;

(2) Start wiring. During the wiring process, make sure that the battery and inverter are not turned on;

(3) Turn on the battery

(4) Turn on the air switch

(5) Turn on the inverter switch.

(6) When the inverter displays the setting interface, start to set the parameters as required.