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50KW/100KWh Smart ESS (M50-100)

M50-100 Smart ESS


Rated Power

50KW Output & 100KWh Battery

Made By Fresh

Grade A Cells

PV Array Power

50,000 W

>6000 Cycles

@DOD 80%

MPPT Range

4 MPPT 200 - 850 VDC

Intelligent BMS & EMS

Improves Performance

Support Parallel

Up to 6 Units (300 KW)



IP54 Waterproof

& Dustproof

Feed in-To

The Grid

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Smart Ess Unit – M50-100 All-in-one Cabinet consists of powerbattery cluster, hybrid inverter, variable frequency temperaturecontrol system, BMS, EMS, combined precision suppressionand burst suppression fire protection system, electrical auxiliaryequipment and weather-resistant sheet metal cabinet, and the capacity of the ESS is 50kW/103.68kWh.


Main Features:

  • Electrical multi-dimensional fusion perception, multi-level fuse protection;
  • Internal integration of PV/ESS/PCS equipment, more unified bus control, improving system stability;
  • Early thermal runaway prewarning design, integrating detection, fire suppression, combustible gas detection, smoke prevention and explosion relief functions, which interacts with BMS and EMS to realize PACK-level targeted fire extinguishing;
  • Smart temperature control system, system temperature difference ≤5°C, battery cycle life increased by 12%.



  • All-in-one design and modular installation, single cabinet covering an area of just 1.21m2.
  • Applicable to multiple industrial scenarios and easy to connect to the grid;
  • Anti-installation short-circuit error, convenient and safe for maintenance;
  • Simple capacity expansion covering power range from 50kW to 300kW .
  • Factory prefabrication and integrated transportation to reduce the transportation, installation and commissioning fees by 15%.



  • Remote cloud operation and maintenance, supporting remote and local monitoring;
  • Smart balancing strategy and system Al prewarning to ensure the consistency of battery life cycle;
  • Support black start function with reliable power supplv in off-grid/micro-grid mode;
  • Support multiple operation modes (VPP, grid-connected, off-grid) to improve revenue.



  • Commercial Premises
  • Industrial Park
  • Mine
  • Pastoral
  • Petrol Station
  • Island
  • Data Centre

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