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InfiniSolar V IV TWIN 6 KW

InfiniSolar V IV TWIN

6 KW

Rated Power

6 KW 48 V

PV Array Power

6000 W

MPPT Range

120 - 430 VDC

Dual Output For Smart

Load Management

Feed-in To

The Grid

Touch Screen


Solar Charge

120 A

AC Charge

120 A

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Customizable status LED ring with RGB lights
InfiniSolar V IV TWIN is an upgraded version of the third generation of our InfiniSolar V. Equipped with a 4.3-inch colored LCD, touchable button, and a customizable status LED ring with RGB lights. The high PV voltage range can be accepted, which will facilitate PV system installation. Besides, battery independency feature will keep inverter running no matter battery is connected or not. We also offer parallel operation function up to 9 units. It offers high flexibility for future power expansion.


Main Features:

  • Maximum PV input current 27A
  • Dual outputs for smart load management
  • Touchable button with 4.3 colored LCD
  • Built-in WiFi for mobile monitoring (APP is available)
  • Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid
  • User-adjustable charging current and voltage
  • Programmable multiple operation modes: Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with backup
  • Reserved communication port for BMS (RS485, CAN-BUS or RS232)
  • Parallel operation up to 9 units
  • 2 years warranty

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