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Mono TOPCon ( N-Type / Bifacial )


Module Power

560 - 585 W

N-Type (TOPCon Tehnology)

With Lower (LID), "Light Induced Degradation"

Double Glass Structure (Bifacial)

Minimize (PID) effect, "Potential Induced Degradation"

Dual Power Side Generation

Increased power generation gain

16 BB & Half Cut Cell Technology

Increased Efficiency & Reliability

Lower temperature coefficient

Increase energy yield in hot climate

Lower power attenuation

Higher generation returns

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Experience the future of solar technology with our cutting-edge bifacial modules. Harnessing the power of N-type bifacial cell technology, our panels are designed for unparalleled performance and reliability. Here’s what sets our panels apart:

N-type Bifacial Cell Technology: Utilizing the latest in solar innovations, our panels absorb sunlight from both sides, maximizing energy capture.

Ultra-high Power and Efficiency: Engineered for top-tier performance, our modules promise ultra-high power output, ensuring you get the most from every ray of sunlight.

Optimized Temperature Coefficient: With advanced design considerations, our panels maintain optimal efficiency even in varying temperature conditions, ensuring consistent power output.

Durability with Lower Degradation: Our panels are built to last. With a lower degradation rate, expect a prolonged lifespan and consistent performance over the years.

Higher Bifacial Gain: Benefit from up to 25% higher electricity yields, thanks to our active cell technology on both sides of the bifacial glass/glass modules.

Outstanding Low Light Performance: Whether it’s sunset, dawn, or a cloudy day, our modules are engineered to provide superior power output even under suboptimal lighting conditions.

Exceptional PID Resistance: Our solar panels are designed to resist Potential Induced Degradation, ensuring they maintain their efficiency and power output over time.

Enhanced Reliability: Built upon years of manufacturing experience and exceeding IEC standards, our intensive quality tests ensure each module you receive is of the highest caliber.


Main Features

  • N-type Bifacial Cell Technology
  • Ultra-high Power and Efficiency
  • Optimized Temperature Coefficient
  • Lower Degradation
  • Higher Bifacial Gain
  • Outstanding Low Light Performance
  • Exceptional PID Resistance
  • Enhanced Reliability

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