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Why do lithium batteries have an advantage in smart home appliances?

MOTOMA | Why do lithium batteries have an advantage in smart home appliances?

In recent years, lithium batteries for smart home appliances have begun to appear in the market and have gradually been applied to smart home appliances. Lithium battery‘s high energy density, long life, good safety, and low price, is a very ideal lithium battery. In the field of traditional lithium batteries, due to the limitations of the production process and the rise in production costs, lithium batteries have begun to develop in the direction of low cost and high energy density, and gradually become the mainstream of the market. Lithium batteries are mainly used in smartphones, smart household appliances, tablet computers, and other electronic products.

1, the advantages of lithium batteries

(1)Competitive price: Motoma started innovative research and development of batteries in various household appliance applications in 1994, nearly 30 years of efforts, Motoma‘s various models of batteries have already entered the stage of large-scale generation and application, and the annual output of more than 5 billion pieces, with the support of large quantities, the cost can be controlled within a reasonable range in the industry. Lithium battery, as a new type of green energy-saving battery, lithium battery has high energy density, high recycling times, and high safety characteristics, lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery has higher energy density longer service life, and competitive price, which can reduce the input cost of the whole smart home.
(2) Green environmental protection: lithium batteries do not require additional configuration of flammable and explosive materials, and can be used without charge and discharge; At the same time, lithium batteries have a high energy density and can meet the electricity needs of mobile electronic devices, so they are widely used in mobile power supplies and portable digital devices.
(3) Safe and reliable: lithium is safe and reliable, and is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving product. When it is dangerous, it can automatically cut off the power supply so that the electrical appliance stops working.
(4) High-temperature resistance: Lithium batteries can still be used normally at 60 ° C and above, and high safety performance. For high-power appliances (such as washing machines, refrigerators, computers, etc.) and high-power charging equipment, the use of lithium batteries is very advantageous.

MOTOMA | Why do lithium batteries have an advantage in smart home appliances?

2. Wide application scenarios

With the popularity of smartphones, smart home appliances are slowly becoming popular. In recent years, with the development of Internet of Things technology, smart home appliances have gradually penetrated all corners of the home, and smart products have gradually become popular. In smart home appliances, the intelligent lighting system is an indispensable part. With the continuous development of the smart home appliance industry in recent years, intelligent lighting products have developed rapidly, and there will be many well-known brands to join this industry in the future. Compared with LED lamps, lithium batteries for intelligent lighting have a good luminous effect, waterproof and dustproof, and long service life, which can well solve problems such as burning out due to excessive current when intelligent lighting products are working. Motoma batteries have the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, high energy density, fast charging, ultra-thin battery, etc., and are used in a wide range of applications.

3, battery safety issues

Currently, the market is mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium battery safety problems have been plaguing the lithium battery industry. In recent years, smartphone fire incidents have occurred frequently, and there are many reasons for battery fire, including low voltage, high temperature caused by short circuits, and thermal runaway caused by short circuits inside the battery pack caused by electric shock. In addition, after the explosion of lithium batteries, if not handled in time, it may cause greater damage to the equipment. In use, how to ensure lithium-ion power is a problem. Motoma batteries work hard in raw materials and quality management so that every battery must be inspected, every battery has a quality inspection record, and every battery enters the quality safety insurance guarantee.

MOTOMA | Why do lithium batteries have an advantage in smart home appliances?

4, lithium battery application range

From the application field of lithium batteries for smart home appliances, lithium batteries are widely used in current electronic products, mainly including smartphones. In addition, lithium batteries are also widely used in the automotive industry, such as battery innovation company MOTOMA company to uses lithium iron phosphate battery systems for home energy storage and solar energy. With the rapid development of China‘s mobile Internet,lithium battery also has a certain application in the field of communication, especially in the field of mobile communication.

MOTOMA | Why do lithium batteries have an advantage in smart home appliances?

5. Summary

With the expansion of the application range of lithium batteries, the application method is also constantly changing. The traditional lithium battery is used in the field of smartphones, because of its small size, lightweight, and more suitable for one-handed operation, it is suitable for carrying out. Smart home appliances use electronic products with larger volumes and heavier weights, which is very suitable for lithium batteries with smaller volumes and lighter weights. In smart home appliances, lithium batteries can also be used in smart locks and smart light bulbs. After a period of development, the MOTOMA lithium battery has been applied to smart medical equipment, and digital store electronics, and has entered the scale of household power tools, household appliances, and smart homes.

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